Style Hatch


Inside everyone is a genius, waiting for the right conditions to show off creativity, brilliance and cleverness. When you learn to start expressing yourself through written word and art, that is the moment when your genius begins to emerge.

We craft our designs and themes because we want to give you a stylish look that will inspire you to write and create more, helping you find your genius. It's an bold idea, but anything we can do to help you move from an idea to action is a success in our book.

Unique Designs—With each of the designs we create, we have a unique person in mind. If we are simply following the latest trends then we are missing the mark. At times this will lead us to creating more experimental layouts and interactions simply to help inspire creativity. We will always take a strong stance on style over creating a generic one-size fits all theme.

Personal Service—We don't want anything to slow down your process of expressing yourself. If anyone runs into a road block we want to be there to help guide them through it. Our entire team understands the value in providing phenomenal, over the top customer service.

Give Back—Giving has been a part of our culture since Style Hatch began. We are able to set aside a portion of every theme sale to support organizations and non-profits that are important to our team like Charity Water. As of September 2013 we have been able to give back over $60,000.

For our team, Style Hatch gives us the opportunity to do two important things:

  1. Fund and bootstrap new products and ideas both large and small
  2. Spend more time with our families, enjoying life and creating to help us find our inner genius

What can we do to help you?

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